Hello and thanks for visiting ELTunes!

My name is Hannah and I’ve always loved listening to music. It has helped me enormously when learning foreign languages, so I’ve decided to use British tunes to teach English in a motivating and memorable way while raising cultural and linguistic awareness of the UK.

About me: I was born in the UK and studied French at university, which is where I first discovered teaching English as a Foreign Language – on my year abroad in the sunny south east of France. 10 years later, I’ve survived the CELTA and have had some fantastic experiences teaching adults, teenagers and children all over Europe. I now live in Zürich and currently teach at a Swiss high school surrounded by beautiful Appenzell countryside – where the only behavioural issues are the noisy sheep cutting the grass outside!

I am also involved with the English Teachers Association Switzerland – on the ETAS Journal Publications team as an Editorial Board member and I do online Marketing for a fantastic Teacher-to-Teacher project supporting a school, and its disadvantaged pupils, in Yangon, Myanmar. Please visit http://www.t2tmyanmar.com to see how you can help this worthy cause.

When I’m not teaching, I can be found listening to all kinds of music at a gig, festival or at home, hiking all over my adoptive home country, travelling (preferably by train), taking photos or doing Zumba in my living room.


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